Kids Costume Ideas

Choosing a Halloween costume for a child can be one of the more painstaking activities that a parent will participate in all year. The desire of the parent for the costume to be age-appropriate and the desire of the child for the costume to be trendy and cool often fail to meet in the middle, causing strife on both sides.

There are, however, several costume themes that a parent can suggest which are both appealing to kids and still inoffensive to parents. One good theme is superheroes kid’s costumes. From Superman to Batman, and from Wonder Woman to Rogue, these positive role models have cool, distinctive costumes which can translate into easy and well-received costumes for children. Better yet, nearly our USA costume store will have superhero costumes available, which is life-saving to the parent who does not have the time to make a costume by hand.

Another popular theme is “movie characters”. Every year, the characters from blockbuster movies aimed at children make a strong showing as kids Halloween costumes. For example, Alice in Wonderland-inspired costumes have been popular every year since the Disney movie came out, and are certain to be made more popular by Tim Burton’s version. Any movie from Disney or Pixar is sure to be a hit, and is also almost certain to be an appropriate costume for you child. (Look for licensed costumes)

A third possibility for a costume theme is“professions”. Doctor, police officer,and firefighter are all popular choices. You could easily go a more creative route by choosing a slightly different profession, like a veterinarian, school teacher, judge, sailor, or mailman. These costumes, with their well-known uniforms, will all be easily identifiable, which is often important to children, and will also be fairly unique.

A cute theme, particularly for younger children, is“animals”. Common options that can be found in many costume stores include butterfly, cat, dinosaur, bear, and bunny. Nearly any animal costume could be easily made with a leotard and accessories from the dress-up section of a children’s store. Several potential choices could be a mouse, lion, elephant, and caterpillar.

A timeless theme with many possibilities is “fairy tales”. Many young girls love to dress up as princesses and fairies, while a little boy could masquerade as a knight or a dragon. These costumes have the benefit of being easy to customize, to set your child apart from their peers. Since a princess can wear any color dress, and any type of tiara, your princess girls costume will not look like her best friend, even if her best friend is also a princess! Disney has produced or licensed its version of many childhood fairy tales as well, which will make the characters of quite a few popular fairy tales recognizable to kids and adults alike.

Helping your child pick out a Halloween costume doesn’t have to be a battle, and it is easily possible to come away from the experience with both child and parent having won.

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