Top 5 Halloween Costume Ideas for Men

One day each year on Halloween thousands of people across the country shed their normal everyday work clothes and don a new identity .Men, women, children and even some pets take part in this event. Whether you are out trick-or-treating around the neighborhood or wanting to make a hit appearance at the office party, here are five ideas of popular Halloween costumes for men you can give a try.

  1. Super heroes.Even though new superhero movies continue to come out each year, most of them are based on decades-old characters who never go out of style. Captain America,Thor, the Green Lantern, the Green Hornet and the X-Men are all currently popular due to their recently-released movies. Don’t forget about some of the other classics like Superman, Batman and Spider-man.
  2. Pirates. Pirate costumes have been brought back to popularity ever since the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie hit the screen. With the latest movie’s release,pirate costumes have made another comeback. Though you may want to walk around as Captain Jack Sparrow, try to add some unique pieces to your costume to truly make it yours.
  3. Historical characters. There are so many choices you can make for historical costume designs. A knight complete with sword and shield is sure to get people’s attention.Perhaps you would like to realize a fantasy of being the dashing rogue Robin Hood or one of the swashbuckling Three Musketeers. If you feel like your inner character has more of a wild-west flair, try going as a gunfighter. Roman and Greek costumes are also popular choices, such as a Spartan warrior, Roman centurion or gladiator.
  4. Vampires. With a recent increase in the interest of vampires, you have many different options for this type of costume. You can go with a more traditional Count Dracula-type costume, or you can use your creativity to modify another costume to make it more vampire-like. Many choices exist, such as a gothic vampire knight, a vampire biker or maybe just a simple brooding teenage vampire like the ones made popular by the Twilight series movies.
  5. Villains. Halloween is the one time of year where people can pretend to be the “bad guy” and it is typically acceptable. What characters have you always wanted to be? Choices like the Headless Horseman and the Big Bad Wolf are a few ideas from storybooks. Movies are also a good place to look for villains, such as Voldemort of Harry Potter-fame or the Joker, Batman’s arch-nemesis.

The important part of picking a costume is finding one that is right for you and that you feel comfortable wearing. Let your imagination go and come up with some of your own variations to these popular Halloween costume ideas.


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